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World Usability Day: A Day to Be Celebrated

Written by Lauren Janik on November 8, 2016 at 8:00 AM

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There seems to be a “day” for everything. There’s National Groundhog Day. I’m writing this blog on Use Your Common Sense Day. And who doesn’t love International Talk Like a Pirate Day? There are also days that should be taken more seriously, such as World Cancer Day and Giving Tuesday. There are even days to celebrate things you love, such as World Jazz Day. And the list goes on.

Allow me to introduce you to World Usability Day (November 10), which is a single day of events occurring around the world to educate the masses about how usability impacts our daily lives. At first read, this may not sound like a day that should mark your calendar. However, if your job involves delivering content to your constituents, providing members with a place to collaborate, and/or ensuring people have access to important industry information, World Usability Day should be on your radar.

World Usability Day serves as a day for you to remember that your websites should be usable and accessible, so that all of your constituents can gain access to the wealth of information and engagement opportunities you provide.

While World Usability Day is the day to officially reflect on usability, ensuring your constituents have an incredible user experience should happen on a continuous basis. Web usability most likely comes up during a community launch or web redesign, but what about months, even years, after those big dates pass? Are your constituents still able to participate in a group discussion? Can they complete a volunteer application without getting stuck? And what about your members with visual, physical, and cognitive challenges? How do they navigate your sites?

Your organization works incredibly hard to provide important information and engagement opportunities to the industry you serve. How frustrating would it be to lose them due to a broken form, a confusing navigation, or an infographic unreadable to the colorblind?

To help you provide your constituents with an incredible user experience, Brightfind, a specialized digital design and web agency, is hosting Brightfind World Usability Day on November 10th. This complimentary half-day summit will provide you with actionable ideas for improving your websites, your community sites, and your web strategy.  All sessions will focus on web usability and accessibility.

Take advantage of this international day to ensure your constituents can quickly find the information they seek, easily engage with you and other web visitors, and return to your website and community site for more.

Topics: Community Platforms & Updates, Communications, Engagement, Marketing Automation, Online Community

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