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Top 10 Informz Blog Posts from 2017

Written by Alex Mastrianni on December 21, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Check out the best marketing automation blogs of 2017.

Over the 2017 calendar year, we published 125 awesome blog posts across the spectrum of marketing automation topics. As we start a new year, let's take a look back at the top 10 most popular posts.

10. How to Build an Easy Engagement Scoring Model that Works

Engagement scoring is a great way to keep tabs on your members' interests and interactions with your association. Armed with this data, you can deliver more timely and relevant communications to increase their engagement and satisfaction with their membership. Read more...

9. CAN-SPAM Compliance - Let's Make This Easy!

Get to know the critical requirements and implications of the Canadian Anti-Spam law that will regulate the use of commercial email being sent to recipients in Canada. Read more...

8. How to Choose the Best Marketing Promotional Items

Giveaway swag is an oft-overlooked aspect of successful marketing. The products you choose should help build brand awareness, be memorable, and create a specific ethos that prospects and customers associate with your company. Here are some tips to help you find the right items to help cultivate the image you want to display. Read more...

7. Targeted Revenue Source: Lapsed Member Recruiting [Webinar Recording]

Lapsed members are not a sunk cost, but an opportunity to increase revenue quickly. In this webinar we cover how to determine why former members allow their membership to lapse, and quick, targeted strategies for bringing them back into the fold. Read more...

6. Email of the Month: Meet Minneapolis

Looking for email inspiration? Look no further than this visually appealing massage by Meet Minneapolis from our Email of the Month series. Read more...

5. 3 Interactive Email Design Elements to Try

Want to spice up your emails? Adding interactive design elements like GIFs and image carousels are a great way to increase engagement and interest in your email messages. Read more...

4. How We Got a 50% Email Open Rate (And You Can Too!)

Learn how to optimize your triggered messages to increase opens and clicks, and provide more timely and personalized marketing interactions. Read more...

3. 7,000 Subject Line Tests Later [Webinar Recording]

In this webinar we explore the top trends and best practices for 2017 gleaned from assessing and analyzing 7000 subject line A/B tests. Read more...

2. AAAE Accelerates Event Attendance by 25%

See how AAAE uses timely and relevant email to increase event registrations by 35% and 20K. Read more...

1. 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report

See how your association email marketing performance stacks up against industry standards for 2017. Read more...

Nine low-cost member engagement strategies for associations.

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