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The Six Tech Tools Your Small Org Staff Needs to Succeed [eBook]

Written by Julie Dietz on January 16, 2018 at 8:30 AM

Small budget and small staff associations need to give their employees the right technology.

Associations are usually labeled as “small” for one of two reasons: they have a small staff or a small budget. Many have both.

But that doesn’t mean terms like “small org” are always on-point. The small associations we work with have large memberships and far-reaching effects. Year after year, they consistently make a bigger impact with fewer resources.

The right technology helps. Effective associations limit their tech stack, choosing software that provides key functionality without complicating their processes. By using only essential platforms, associations limit their risk of creating data silos, waste less time switching between systems, and make integrations easier – all while getting the tools they need to do their jobs.

They also save money. Why spend more on multiple platforms when one will do the trick?

Choosing Platforms that Help You Achieve Your Goals

The best tech tools help you do more with less. They make your employees’ jobs easier, save time, and further your goals so you can report business results to your board.

But what are those tools?

You’ve probably already heard that you need association management software (AMS), but is that really the right fit for your organization? Where does your association land in terms of email? Are you still on a listserv, or should you upgrade to an email engine or marketing automation software?

The association market is full of technology, and naturally every option claims to be the best for you. It’s a lot to wade through, especially for small orgs that would rather focus on delivering value to members.

We’ve been wading through the options for years ourselves, looking for the best functionality and integrations to help our small org clients. What we found is that, while there are a ton of specialty products and dozens of platform providers, there are only a few platforms that benefit all associations and even those can often be consolidated.

The top platforms, and how to choose the right ones for your association, are listed in our new eBook, The Six Tech Tools Your Small Org Staff Needs to Succeed.

The eBook is designed to help you choose technology that fits your budget, helps your staff work more efficiently, and provides a better experience for your members. It includes:

  • Tips for defining your association’s goals
  • Help identifying your employees’ and members’ current pain points
  • Interactive workspace to apply concepts to your association and refine your needs
  • Six recommended tech tools that get results for associations, including specific provider options and advice on what to look for when shopping

Get your free eBook here.

Does your small org staff have the tools they need to succeed?

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