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The Marketer's Toolbox: Indispensable Marketing Techniques and Technologies [Infographic]

Written by Caitlin Struhs | on February 15, 2018 at 8:30 AM

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Modern marketing is complicated. But when you break down the components of a strong marketing program, it suddenly feels familiar and approachable. The best tools out there are easy to set up, easy to use, and get results.

Still, there is an overwhelming amount of technology and techniques marketing teams need to sift through. What do you really need and which tools are key for getting results?

Every marketing team is different – but telling you one size doesn’t fit all will not help. Curating an impossibly long list of “The Top 365 Marketing Tools You Need to Start Using Now!” probably makes it worse. At the end of the day, you’re strapped for time and need to streamline your processes. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a multitude of the latest and greatest. Focus on the essentials and using them effectively.

The following tools won’t be a surprise: you may already use most, if not all, of them. The key is to use them in tandem – one informs another, and they should all converse with each other. Make sure these components work together to maximize your marketing strategy.

Top 5 Tools for Your Marketer's Toolbox

Email Marketing. Most marketers agree: email still works (in fact, 59 percent of marketers claim it’s their most effective channel). Evaluate how you’re emailing people, including mobile-friendly messages, curated content, and appropriate timing. These days, email is more than a one-off send to check a box. It’s part of an experience.

Social Media. Whether you spend hours on your Twitter feed or check into Facebook only when your mom posts a pet picture, social channels are a key place for news and interactions. Can you believe almost 80 percent of U.S. internet users are on Facebook? Make sure your campaigns include social – it will help people get to know your brand.

Website Tracking. In this age of big data, tracking website analytics is a no-brainer. Take on Google Analytics or use built-in tracking from your marketing automation platform. Either way, the use of cookies to track visits, bounces, and downloads on your web pages is invaluable for seeing what people actually want

Search Engine Optimization. Email gets great results, but your website is where your brand really shines. Organic search can consistently bring in new visitors and help grow your lists. In fact, 63 percent of marketers believe their website is their most effective channel. A little extra work on optimizing your web pages and content will go a long way.

Paid Ads. This isn’t your grandparents’ advertising campaign. You’ve set up a great automated campaign and linked it with your social channels, but are you targeting the right demographics? Paid ads on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can get you in front of just the right people.

 HigherLogic Infographic Marketer's Toolbox

Topics: Engagement, Social Media, Customer Experience, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

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