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The C-Suite's Role in Social Media

Written by John Foley, Jr. | on October 5, 2016 at 8:30 AM


Social media has undoubtedly gained an increasing role in the business community. For any organization, the importance of social media is right up there with any other marketing strategy. However, are there reasons for business executives to have their own presence on social networks? The answer is a resounding, YES. If your organization is on social media, you should be too. Consider the following advantages when deciding to build a presence for the C-suite on social media.

Help your organization gain traction

First, it’s going to help your organization. As a senior executive, you should have the same strong voice and message as your brand. If your organization is trying to build awareness, the obvious marketing strategy is to utilize corporate social media accounts. However, if your CEO or President is posting from his or her own personal account, not only is your organization reaching its following, your content is now in front of a whole new group of people.

By simply using a personal account to support your organization’s message, the increase in overall reach can benefit your organization in numerous ways. Moreover, personal accounts allow you to meet and connect with your members personally. As a chief officer, it is important for you to understand who is talking online and what they are talking about. When you know this, you can better position your organization for the best end results.

Become an industry thought leader

Being present and active on social media will help you out professionally as well. Through social media, you have the ability to build a strong voice and become a thought leader. Becoming a thought leader leads people to look to you for answers or insights in your respective industry. Being active and engaging on social media can open multitudes of new doors for your professional career; take it from someone who has experienced it firsthand.

Let me toot my own horn for a second – did you know I was ranked by Forbes as the 15th Most Influential CMO on Social Media? Just by making an effort to engage and build a following on different social networks, I was ranked right up there with executives at IBM, MLB, Yahoo, EMC, Google, and more!

Build brand and trust

So, what is the role of the C-suite in social media? As you become a thought leader on social media, people are looking to you. You can point them in the direction of your organization and help your own organization grow. For example, people may know who you are, but have no knowledge of a new product or service you’re offering. It is your responsibility to promote your brand and use your leverage in the industry to help your organization.

Also, having individual social media accounts on multiple platforms allows you to get personal with your members and build trust. Trust that will translate into more members. The C-suite is responsible for the success of their organization, and being present and active on social media is a great way to help accomplish this goal and keep members satisfied.

As social media continues to grow and takeover the business world, it is imperative that executives join in and become visible on not just one, but multiple platforms so their voice is heard. By gaining followers and interacting with your audience base, you’re not only helping yourself grow professionally, you’re also helping your organization reach new members. Becoming a thought leader and being present on the same platforms as your members continues to be of high importance. So, what are you waiting for?

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