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Stop Torturing Your Members—Simplify Your Process by Following the 3 C’s

Written by Julie Davis on October 31, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Stop torturing your members - simplify your process by following the three c's

Members of organizations today are tech savvy and expect their interactions with your organization to be easy and meaningful. They don’t want to feel “tortured” by a complicated system requiring a bunch of extra steps to complete a simple task like membership renewal or event registration. To help organizations simplify their processes and stop the “torture,” consider a solution that takes into account these 3 C’s: Content, Commerce and Community.


The content of your Association Management Solution (AMS) is comprised of more than just housing the names and addresses of members, boards and committees. It contains accounting resources, event management information, marketing content and so much more. When considering the best way to juggle all that information effortlessly, consider an AMS that has full service customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities that seamlessly link all your necessary functions and allows for ease of compiling, managing and reporting on all facets of your organization's data.


The idea of commerce is not comprised simply of selling goods and services. Particularly for not-for-profit organizations, commerce is used as a mechanism to raise funds and drive the organization's mission. To facilitate that initiative, it’s important to have a robust website that has a unified shopping cart, offers Just-In-Time Content and a rules engine that can push complex content to the web. Anything an organization can do to make a transaction, be it a membership renewal, book purchase, registration fee, etc. quick and easy, the more likely a member is to come back and make repeat transactions.


Community is what ultimately drives membership and keeps an organization engaged in their mission. Having an AMS that keeps members engaged through an integration with an online community platform is important as is its ability to also link the information received with other tools like those that do social media monitoring and advocacy. Today’s organizations need to get a full 360° view of each member and gage what drives their engagement with the organization.

Taking these three concepts and aligning them side by side with one log-in reduces the number of clicks a member needs to conduct business with you. Providing valuable information with the ability to purchase while increasing engagement will make for happy members and happy upper management. Today’s tech savvy members expect technology to work. If it does not, they quickly loose interest and move on. Let’s face it, we love and need our members, so why torture them?

Topics: Associations, Online Community

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