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Meet Your Community Manager: Will Machin

Written by Molly Talbert | on December 6, 2016 at 8:30 AM

Ever wonder who the people behind the curtain are here at Higher Logic? We're introducing you to our community managers. They’ll talk about why they love community management, helpful resources to use and weigh in on the dog versus cat debate (as you can see, this is serious stuff…).

In this sixth installment, we’re introducing our newest community manager, Will Machin.

Q. What excites you about community mangement?

A: I think what excited me the most about community management is the relationship-building aspect of it. By observing and honing in on specific behaviors, you can really affect how people interact with one another. This gives people the motivation to grow these relationships and become strong resources for those in their community.

Q. How did you get into community management?

A: I kind of fell into the position by a referral from a former client of Higher Logic. My background is in luxury retail, which develops a similar skillset to community management. It’s all about uncovering needs and building a level of trust with clients while using open-ended questions to drive new conversations and figure out what makes them tick.

Q. Favorite community management resource?

A: FeverBee and the Higher Logic training resources have been excellent tools for me thus far. The fact that both resources are broken up into short modules has prevented any knowledge overload from occurring.

Q. What's your favorite book?

A: This is a really tough one for me. I would have to say it’s Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman by Robert K. Massie. It’s a biography but it reads like a novel, because her life and influence were almost unbelievable, especially considering how far removed she was from the rest of Europe.

Q. Dog or cat? (Or neither?!)

A: Team dog. I grew up with both dogs and cats my entire childhood, and they’re both fantastic. But you really can’t beat the adoration and loyalty that a dog gives you.  

Will.jpgWill was born and raised in Kentucky before attending Indiana University in Bloomington. After college, he moved to Colorado for several years. His background is in luxury retail management, which brought him to work for a menswear company called Suitsupply, and led to his relocation to the DC area in 2014 where he ran their Georgetown store. His most recent position before joining the team at Higher Logic was with Prada, where he was the Ready-to-Wear manager for the area. He is now the newest member of the Community Management team.

Topics: Online Community Management, Online Community

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