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Is Your Community Charitable?

Written by Lauren Wolfe | on November 22, 2016 at 10:30 AM


Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season. At Higher Logic, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. We were reminded of this last week during our seventh Higher Logic Super Forum - we have so many awesome clients!

As important as it is to be thankful, we’ve been thinking about how to give back using the power of community - especially the online communities we spend our days building, which have so much potential for good.

Beyond Volunteering

Chances are, engaging your members through volunteer opportunities is probably a big part of your organization. It allows you to foster deeper connections with members, increasing their overall loyalty and engagement with your community and organization.

But you don’t need to start and stop with volunteering to meaningfully connect.

Think beyond volunteering - charity is also a powerful way to connect with both your member community and causes outside your organization. True, raising money and giving it away may not build the same connections as member volunteering does, but it can definitely still be an important part of building relationships with your members and fostering community. Charity joins everyone together for a good cause, connects them to something larger than themselves, and helps your community community ethically contribute to the world.

Your Community Will Be Receptive

Online communities are perfect for charitable giving and coming together for a great cause. Kickstarter and Crowdrise are great examples of how impactful combining the power of communities and the power of the internet can be. It’s how people operate now and charitable giving online allows people to support causes they care about on a more global scale.

Don’t worry - if you choose a cause that resonates with a large portion of your members, your community will be receptive to charitable donations and fundraising. In fact, this could be a good way to engage with your younger members - Millennials, in particular, value charitable causes and giving.

According to the 2015 Millennial Impact Report, Millennials are some of the most frequent participants in workplace charity. According to their survey, 84% of Millennials have donated money at work towards a charitable cause and 30% have donated money through an online platform.

Not only will your community and Millennial members be interested in participating in charitable donations, but they’ll feel comfortable doing so through an online platform.

What Higher Logic Is Doing

Higher Logic understands that community goes beyond just the members we have on our platform or the customers we work with daily - we have the ability to help positively impact the broader community we live in.

As a company, we’re trying to focus more on giving back, online and offline. That’s how we decided to announce our donation to Lost Dog Rescue at Super Forum. Without you all, we wouldn’t have been able to support a local cause we feel passionately about! We also give each of our employees one paid day off to do any volunteer activity they want.

So, now, we’d like to ask you: How do you incorporate charitable giving into your community?

Use your community to increase volunteerism and member engagement.

Topics: Online Community Management, Volunteer Management, Online Community

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