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Higher Logic Hearts HUG

Written by Lauren Wolfe | on February 10, 2015 at 4:56 PM

Higher Logic clients love our Higher Logic Users Group (HUG) and so do we! It's the perfect example of a dynamic and happy online community. We couldn't be more in love with the engagement.

HUG helps Higher Logic clients get the most out of their investment and is the home base for all things community management. Every day hundreds of messages are exchanged - the conversations and contributions are pretty sweet - and we want to share them with you. This is our community love story.

Stats We Love*

  • 8,251 HUGGERS (Members of HUG)
  • 8,956 connections made
  • 98 entries in the Go-To-Market Resource Library
  • 33,561 content contributions
  • 108,000 total messages
  • 49 million emails sent

Contributors We Love

Engagement is the name of the game in HUG and everyone participates: clients, partners and our Higher Logic team of experts. If you're a community manager searching for an answer or want to share an idea or story, this is the place. There is no other online community like it out there. Our top four contributors add, respond and rate content, conversations and resources weekly. They are:

Conversations We Love

Discussion topics range from new user FAQs and engagement, to advanced product discussions and training. It's great to see Higher Logic clients and staff working together in real time to collaborate. Members of HUG can access the community from their desktop, mobile device or tablet. We love all 87 of the HUG communities, but our top most active communities are:

  1. Product Q&A - the place to ask and answer Higher Logic product questions
  2. Beginners & Non-Techies - all technical questions are welcome and none are too basic!
  3. Social Strategy - a knowledge bank of social media strategy

Education We Love

Providing great education to the HUG community is a priority. The sweetest complimentary training programs include: The HUG Super Forum, Higher Logic Academy, SNAP Training, The Higher Logic Mentor Match Program and The Higher Logic Learning Series. Plus every month new content items - like white papers, tip sheets and eBooks - are released and provided ungated to every client.

Love Notes

Leave us some love. What do you enjoy about your online community?


*Statistics reported from inception to February 2015.

Topics: Online Community Management

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