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What Kind of Community Manager Are You?

Written by Rebecca Hoffman on November 28, 2018 at 7:43 AM


Any community manager knows that good community teams come in all shapes and sizes. Our community managers at Higher Logic can trace their roots back to education, human resources, research, journalism, and so much more.  With such diverse backgrounds, it should come as no surprise that each community manager brings different values and strengths to the team.

Speaking of variety, what kind of community manager are you? Use our guide to figure out which type best fits your style!

The Fun Facilitator

If you’re a Fun Facilitator, you live at the heart of the party. A community is a great space for users to network, share ideas, ask questions, and connect—but you know that people enjoy letting loose and having a little fun while they’re doing it. No themed post is too corny and no national holiday off-limits. You’re always thinking of lighthearted and creative ways to get users talking, and your community loves you for it.


  • Gamification programs
  • Community contests and challenges
  • Polls and surveys

Want to be more like a Fun Facilitator?

Try a riff on the classic “Introduce Yourself” thread that everyone loves by having users post about something they have in common with the person above them. It’s a great way to help build personal relationships and get users talking with and about one another.

Tip: Giveaways are most effective when they support long-term community growth.

The Prolific Poster

As a Prolific Poster, you have your fingers right on the pulse of the community itself. You’re the true definition of a super user; you’re nearing best friend status with many of your users, and you’re probably topping the leaderboards with your posts, resources, and blogs each month. Community members know that you’ve got their back because you’re always there to help them learn something new or fix something when it’s not working. There’s nothing you can’t help solve!


  • Community trainings and continuing education
  • Custom resource libraries
  • Moderation, mediation, and solving user pain points

Want to be more like a Prolific Poster?

Try instituting a Tip Tuesday (or Tip Thursday), a dedicated day each week or month where you introduce the community to a cool feature they might not know about. Networks, library favorites—the sky’s the limit.

Tip: Hear it from a community manager: How to create engaging discussions.

The Mechanical Mastermind

If you’re truly the person behind the curtain in your community, you’re probably a Mechanical Mastermind. You’re making sure that everything in the community is running smoothly, without posting the most content. There’s no automation rule too complex for you, no rogue widget that can’t be tamed, and no unknown mail merge variable. You’re sporting one of the most technically advanced communities out there, and you’re doing it in style.


  • Automation
  • CSS, HTML, and platform hacks
  • Ambassador programs (which help you keep everything running on the front end!)

Want to be more like a Mechanical Mastermind?

Consider setting up an Advice Needed or Help Wanted space, a latest discussion widget configured to only show posts without replies, and encourage your users to step up and answer questions posed by their peers. It’s a great way to get the whole community involved and ensure no threads go unanswered.

Tip: Automation rules can save you time and make you more efficient. Get the lowdown from one of our own community managers.

The Event Expert

If you know that a community isn’t just about being online, you’ve got the makings of an Event Expert. While you’ve probably got a few community events going on (they say you host the best AMAs!), you’re also nurturing local groups and really getting your users to put together mingling and meetup events. Plus, you know it takes a village to make great events run smoothly, so you’ve probably got some of the best volunteers to boot.


  • Volunteering programs and mentoring relationships
  • Seed questions (the backbone to any good event or event community, of course!)
  • AMAs, webinars, lunch and learns, Q&As, happy hours

Want to be more like an Event Expert?

For your next annual conference, try putting together a slideshow or video showcasing some of the great community threads from the past year so users passing by your community table can get a quick and easy visual sense of the community’s value.

Tip: Events and your community can and should be interconnected, before, during and after your event.

What type of community manager were you?

So, do you know what kind of community manager you are? Let us know in the comments or connect with us on social media (scroll to the bottom of the page for handles).

Here’s the secret: a great community manager can be any mixture of the four! There’s no right or wrong kind of community manager, only dedicated people ready to tackle any challenge thrown their way.

We're loaded with tips for community managers. Check out our 10 Cool Community Management Tips below if you're looking for more.


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