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Four Community Newsletters You Need to Subscribe To

Written by Molly Talbert | on January 31, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Where do you turn to for information? Community management is a growing industry, with more resources than ever before - but sometimes it can be hard to find the golden nuggets within the ever increasing sea of content.

Although some might think them old-school, email newsletters are having a renaissance. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, there is a newsletter out there for it. And, in the community space, they’re increasingly becoming great sources of information.

Perhaps newsletters are a way of making sense of all the information out there. Instead of wading through the internet to find useful information, newsletters offer a curated list of high quality content right to your inbox. Hard to get easier than that, right?

Here are our top three favorite community manager-themed newsletters:

1. Community.is

If you only subscribe to one newsletter, this is it. Sarah Judd Welch's concise format makes this weekly newsletter an easy read to skim if you’re in a hurry, but also offers depth if something catches your eye.

Each issue is always filled with tons of high quality links from all types of sources - from TED Talks, to traditional newspapers, to long Twitter conversations. This newsletter’s theme is ‘community,’ broadly, which means it’s both appealing to community managers in the trenches everyday, or readers interested in all different types of communities.

Plus - we love that the newsletter is becoming a community effort where fellow readers can curate an issue. (Check out the issue we curated back in June 2016)

2. Community Manager Breakfast

Even if you don’t go to the monthly Community Manager Breakfast meetups (in San Francisco and New York City), sign up for this weekly newsletter. Evan Hamilton, formerly of CMX Hub, puts together three pertinent links every week - plus a little of his own, insightful commentary.

Evan’s newsletter is usually more community management focused and is bound to help you find hidden resources you never would have otherwise found.

3. We Support NYC

This weekly newsletter is aimed specifically at the New York City community manager scene, but has incredibly helpful links no matter where you live. Spearheaded by a powerhouse group of community managers - Alexandra Dao, Roxanne Schwartz, Carol Ann Benovic and Paula Rosenberg - each issue has links to useful articles, as well as New York City based job listings. (Plus a fun GIF at the bottom of each issue)

As the name would suggest, We Support NYC focuses mostly on customer support communities, so it’s a particularly helpful resource if you work in that field. Even if your community isn’t specifically for customer support, you’re bound to find good resources in here, especially if you’re on the job market.

4. CMX Hub Newsletter 

Subscribe to the CMX Hubs newsletter to stay on top of both their news and content, and to get a good overview of what’s happening around the internet.

Plus, they do an excellent job of recapping CMX Summit through their newsletter. Their summaries of CMX talks are useful whether or not you attended the event.

What are your favorite newsletters?

Beyond subscribing to community management-focused newsletters, expand into your members’ industry or interests. If you manage an association community, subscribe to Association Universe (an aggregator) to discover association blogs. Of, if your members are in the technology space, check out The Hustle.

Did we miss any newsletters you think should be on this list?

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