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For the Love of Community

Written by Lauren Wolfe | on February 12, 2016 at 10:00 AM

We Heart Communities: The connections, conversations and contibutions are sweet!

At Higher Logic we heart communities. But really, who doesn’t? We all belong to communities in some way shape or form – both on and offline. Have you ever stopped to think about why you love community?

For me, communities are easy to love because of the people. What I mean by this is that communities are possible because a group of passionate people with a purpose have joined together in a common mission. In many cases communities make the world a better place (#swoon). Essentially the connections, conversations and contributions are sweet. In fact, we have found these connections can include a new:  

  • Friend/Colleague
  • Job/Partnership
  • Mentor/Mentee
  • Speaker/Content Contributor
  • Volunteer/Volunteer Opportunity

In the spirit of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday weekend, we were curious to know what people really love about their community. So we asked! Here are their love stories:

Community Love Story: I Found A Job

Luke Zimmer, Assistant Manager, Sections and Member Engagement, The American Staffing Association
The Higher Logic Users Group (HUG)

“I love community because I found my new job. It’s true. I’m a member of Higher Logic’s Users Group (HUG) – and
it’s the reason I have my current job. Through my contributions in HUG, I was asked to co-present on an educational webinar. While working on this presentation, my co-presenter passed along a potential opportunity with the American Staffing Association. Through another mutual connection on HUG, the transitional process was easy and natural. One thing led to another and here I am. Thank you HUG! Online communities are great for many things including taking your career to the next level.”

Community Love Story: I Got Engaged

Tiffany (Reed) and Keith Briley
The Professional Photographers of America’s

Online communities connect people in many ways…even in marriage. Two members of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) met each other on their online community, theLoop. theLoop isn't designed as a matchmaking service; it is an exclusive online community for PPA members to connect and network with other professional photographers, ask questions and seek advice, and share your knowledge and work with others. Among other commonalities, Tiffany and Keith shared a passion for landscape photography. They took the conversation offline and the rest is history. (Congratulations Tiffany and Keith!)

Community Love Story: I Found A Thought Leader

Caitlin Struhs & Molly Talbert, Higher Logic

If you’re like us, we’re active daily on Twitter. Recently we followed a new tweep because of her blog content tweets.
By simply engaging with her tweets, we naturally formed an online relationship. We followed her. She followed us.
Even though our conversations were strictly limited to 140 characters, we discovered a new voice for our followers who shared similar sentiments about our industry. We’re looking forward to officially introducing her at our annual users group meeting, the 2016 Higher Logic Super Forum. (Save-The-Date: November 14-15, 2016 at The Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel).

Community Love Story: I Joined a Committee…and Got Involved

Lauren Wolfe, Creative Director, Higher Logic
ASAE: The Center of Association Leadership’s

And then there’s me. Yep, that’s right – in case you’re wondering, I fell in love with community too. The reason is authenticity. Authenticity has become a buzzword for everything from advertising to politics. Building authentic relationships in community is a key aspect of ensuring engagement. The challenge is that authenticity, by definition, can’t be manufactured. I feel this happens naturally in an online community of like-minded people. A few years ago, I joined a community and we discovered a need for a young professional network. Thus, the ASAE Young Professionals Committee was created. Through participating in this community, I gained many things including new friends, speaking opportunities, experience in leadership and more knowledge of the association world. Truly it was a game changer in terms of next steps for me. Today, ASAE has over 800+ young professional members. Did I mention community can be pretty powerful?

Do you have a community love story you’d like to share?

Community Roundtable's 2017 State of Community Management Report

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