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Creating Great Content Through Your Community

Written by Hunter Montgomery | on October 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Online communities pride themselves on bringing innovation to the member experience. To be an innovator in the community space means tackling new ways to communicate and offering useful content to members on a regular basis. Some of the best content creation ideas come from our own clients. Check out Higher Logic's top five for content creation that you can implement right away.

Ask the expert sessions

Your community is teeming with members who are thought leaders and experts in their fields. Use the community discussions to conduct an hour, day or week-long learning session where members can "Ask the Expert."

Example: NAIS Connect's ExpertConnect Sessions. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) hosts week-long discussions within their NAIS Connect online communities. Members have the chance to participate in discussions with experts, asking questions and reading responses on certain topics and prompts.


Member e-newsletters are a productive way to disseminate important information, such as webinars, organizational highlights and even vendor advertisements. Higher Logic's User Group newsletter, HUG Buzz, is an aggregate of its community highlights that is released every other month.

Shout-out: Rachel Bell and NJCPA's Aptify Innovation Award for Custom Newsletters. Together with HighRoad and Aptify, the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) has put together a series of custom newsletters for their members. Congratulations to Rachel Bell, Digital Communications Manager, for her efforts and well-deserved recognition!

Monthly webinars

Education and learning opportunities for members are always a popular and useful benefit, whether it covers community and marketing how-to's or industry topics that offer CAE credits. Guest hosts and crowd-sourced topics will create useful, engaging content on their own. After the live event, a webinar lives on as a resource for members.

Quarterly contests

Recognition breeds engagement and loyalty, not to mention a fun, spirited atmosphere for community members. Set up scavenger hunts throughout the site, create races for the most completed profile or active post and highlight recommended users on a regular basis.

Questions of the month

Opinions and member discussions are valuable resources. Conduct surveys and polls based on current conversations on the community to better understand and serve the needs of your members.

Example: CFMA Connection Cafe Surveys. The Construction Financial Management Association uses their community, CFMA Connection Cafe, to curate the best discussions and create featured polls. These polls are front and center on the community home page, but also link back to the original discussion thread for members to peruse and contribute.

What are some of your favorite content creation tactics?

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