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Communicate, Collaborate, Elevate: 3 Big Reasons Why You Should Attend Super Forum 2018

Written by Jenny Pan on October 9, 2018 at 8:00 AM

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At any industry or customer conference, we all hope to tackle a few simple goals: chat with smart people, learn some new tricks, and get inspired by new ideas. For Super Forum 2018, we’re riffing on our familiar motto All Together to bring you all three:

Communicate I Collaborate I Elevate

While the words “communicate,” “collaborate,” and “elevate” may sound like buzzwords, we see real value in these concepts – all three represent what we hope will be a top-notch conference.

Theme bonus: these three words also do a great job at describing the slew of activities and opportunities available at Super Forum in less than one month. Check out the list below, and we’ll hope to see you in November!

 Want a quick explanation of what Super Forum is all about? Watch the video.


One of the things we love about Super Forum is that it brings YOU, our customers, all together. It’s more than just catching up on product updates – it’s about spending time with people to learn, get inspired, and recharge. Below are our top picks for communicating at Super Forum:

  • Veteran Hugger Tips. This event wouldn’t be possible without your participation and feedback. If you really want to know what’s worth it, then you’ve got to ask the Huggers themselves.
  • Networking Galore. This is the biggest gathering of HL users, as well as a huge industry event for all things community and marketing automation. Whether you’re zipping around from session to session or catching up with other Huggers at a party or keynote, there’s ample opportunity to connect. Bonus: Visit the Super Forum community in HUG to get a head start.
  • Annual Customer Appreciation Party. Admittedly, we love a big orange party, especially with our customers! Kick back and relax with us at Pose, a National Harbor mainstay. And if you can keep a secret, a little frog told us to watch out for a big orange Ferris Wheel….


We value the power of community and communication to help people do their jobs better. That means our conference content is no exception. The focus is on collaborative, interactive learning:

  • 70+ Sessions on Both Community + Marketing Automation. This is our biggest conference yet, and we’re so excited to feature content on both community and marketing automation. Session speakers include fellow Huggers, industry experts, and HL staff, with content that’s useful for anyone from new user to pro.
  • 1x1 Consulting with Higher Logic Staff. Let’s talk shop! Whether it’s a few platform questions or a deep dive into your strategy moving forward, we are here to help. Stay tuned for sign-up information.


What really sets Super Forum apart? There are a few components (some new, some tried and true) that we’re especially excited for this year:

  • Keynotes: Jackie Huba and Kim Lear. Get ready to think strategically about your organization’s future, because our 2018 keynotes are the leaders in workplace trends and customer loyalty. Check out more on Jackie Huba and Kim Lear.
  • Sneak Peek: Meet Your New Admin Experience. We want to deliver the best experience for your customers, users, and members, making it easier for you to do more, more often with our product. So, to meet those goals, we’re working on an exciting new change: A redesign of the admin experience throughout our products! Don’t miss the sneak peek at Super Forum.
  • 10 CAE Credits. As if you didn’t have enough to add to your resume after this jam-packed schedule, you’ll be able to move your career forward by getting 10 CAE (Certified Association Executive) credits from your Super Forum participation.

If you’re wondering if attending Super Forum is right for you, ask your best Higher Logic resource – HUG.

Psst: Did you register for Super Forum 2019 yet? Get more information below.


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