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Celebrating 2017 Communities, New and Old: Higher Logic’s Year in Review

Written by Rob Wenger on December 28, 2017 at 8:30 AM

With an expanded product and four acquisitions, 2017 was a busy year for Higher Logic.

It’s been an eventful year to say the least, with our team and product expanding to cover everything from engagement and collaboration to automation. It’s clear we had a lot to celebrate in 2017, and now have plenty to be thankful for as we reflect during the holiday season.

Higher Logic’s 10th Anniversary

I’d like to think we’ve gotten better with age. We’ve gone from a small team working mostly at home to a family that spans the entire country. It’s a big change from our first few years ordering in lunch to small co-working spaces – and Conor jumping around as our still very cool Floyd Frog mascot – so we celebrated in style.

Connor as Floyd-542657-edited.jpg coworking lunch-598221-edited.png
Connor rocking his Floyd costume. The team ordering in during a meeting at our coworking space.

Each of our offices celebrated our 10th anniversary in style, with a champagne toast, cupcakes, and new Higher Logic orange vests.

anniversary photo collage.png

Four Acquisitions
NY Office Porch.jpg

Socious, Kavi, Informz, and Real Magnet are now all part of the Higher Logic family. That makes us 320 employees strong, across five offices in the U.S. and U.K., with 2,600 awesome clients. We’re thrilled to have everyone in the family. In fact, I think a lot of us in the Arlington office are a little jealous of that screened-in porch in Saratoga Springs – it has an awesome view!

Explosive Growth

It’s always fun to brag a little – our sales increased 91 percent in the first half of the year compared to 2016! There’s even more planned in 2018 as we expand our tools and add functionality to make your jobs easier.

Product Highlights

We released product updates throughout the year, including continuously improving integrations, enhancing Event Manager, and adding to our Automation Rules. But we’re especially excited about our new personalization tools, the complete Group Manager, and finalizing Workspace!

  • Personalization Features. We just rolled out Topic Communities. Members can now choose the topics they're interested in and, in combination with their community behavior, we will deliver highly relevant content to them in an Activity Feed and Personalized Digest.
  • Group Manager. This module empowers chapter and group administrators to manage their unique communities with more autonomy. Community admins can send targeted emails, create a personalized community landing page, and view a custom metrics dashboard. You can even create gamification between groups using Leader Boards to encourage better performance and highlight top performers.
  • Workspace. Any organization with committees or collaborative projects can use Workspace. It’s a huge addition to our product that helps you manage projects, work on documents, conduct ballots, and much more. We couldn’t possibly fit everything Workspace does into this article, but we’re looking forward to seeing what innovative ways you use this tool next year.

2018 Means Better, Broader Engagement

Our focus is always engagement – how can we help you reach members and customers? How can you better automate your systems, track behavioral data, offer dynamic, predictive content, and ultimately build great communities?

For 2018, we’re focused on three key engagement areas for our clients: retention, event registration, and education. By capturing a broader set of engagement data points here, Higher Logic will build richer member and customer personas, to help with better segmentation, personalization, and measurable outcomes. We aim to develop optimum pathways for every member, meaning the more you can learn about your members, the better messages and content you can provide them.

Topics: Community Platforms & Updates, Marketing Automation, Online Community

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