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Jessica Fish

Jessica Fish is a Senior Strategist at Leader Networks, a research and consulting firm that helps companies use digital and social technologies to gain competitive advantage. Jessica works with business leaders to develop digital business strategies, launch new digital products and business models, create and grow online communities, and craft social selling campaigns and operations. Prior to joining Leader Networks, Jessica was the Director of the Center for Global, Race and Diversity Studies at the University of New Hampshire. She frequently teaches, facilitates workshops, writes, and speaks on topics of inclusion, social justice, and mindfulness. She has been a featured speaker at Harvard, MIT, the University of New Hampshire, and Social Media Today’s Social Shake Up.
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Building Inclusive Online Communities

Written by Jessica Fish | on January 10, 2017 at 8:45 AM | 5 minute read

What would happen if you asked me for my email address and I told you it was jessicafish@aol.com?

How might your perception of me be shaped by that one piece of information? What if I told you it was a gmail address? Would that draw any reaction at all?

If we’re honest, we all know that we routinely draw multiple, broad conclusions from a single piece of information. Like an email address, or a LinkedIn photo.

This is an example of implicit bias.

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Topics: Communications, Online Community Management, Online Community

Why Taking Breaks Is Crucial for Community Managers

Written by Jessica Fish | on June 16, 2016 at 8:30 AM | 4 minute read

Being a community manager is extraordinary and exhausting.

You get to connect and create, but you’re also drowning in information. Comments, requests, questions, emails. Notifications whooshing around at 90mph, all day. KPI’s and ROI. Everyone demanding attention, needing you to listen, to fix, to respond, to cajole, to soothe, to champion.

Some days it’s total overload. Some days you want to break every screen in front of you, join the National Park Service and spend three months manning a fire tower in Montana.

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Topics: Communications, Online Community Management, Online Community

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