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Courtney Ellis

Prior to joining Higher Logic, Courtney honed her skills in all things digital marketing in the non-profit and higher education arenas. As a member of the Client Success team, she is passionate about helping her clients engage with their audience and grow their digital marketing efforts while making the best use of their talent, time, and tools. With a master's degree in Community Psychology, Courtney loves digging into the data to see what resonates with the unique subscriber base of each of her clients.

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Is Marketing Automation Going to Take Away My Job?

Written by Courtney Ellis on August 23, 2018 at 8:06 AM | 3 minute read

It’s a valid fear – as marketing automation adoption increases, many seasoned marketers are wondering if they’re automating themselves out of a job.

The short answer is no. Automation can be the best piece of technology in your toolkit, enabling you to work faster and more efficiently and create content that is befitting of your amazing subscribers.

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