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Ben Rossell

Ben Rossell is our summer graphic design intern and a Senior at George Mason University (GMU). Ben enjoys painting portraits, landscapes, and some concept art (especially using oil paints and digital painting), but now is successfully diving into the world of blogging.
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The Importance of Language for Your Community

Written by Ben Rossell | on April 4, 2019 at 9:21 AM | 4 minute read

I recently read Trevor Owens’ book, Designing Online Communities, which looks at the design process for web communities from a cross-disciplinary perspective. He discusses how psychology, sociology, history, linguistics and other fields of study can influence and inform our thinking about online communities.

Owens showcased the value of taking time to think about and develop a language for an online community. After reading his case, I’ve put together three questions on language that you can consider to improve your community’s language.

Let’s discuss the importance of language for your community, highlight where we’ve seen language used effectively, and dive into what we can do better as online communities.

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Topics: Communications, Online Community Management, Customer Experience, Member Experience, Online Community

Designing Online Communities: Will History Repeat Itself?

Written by Ben Rossell | on August 13, 2015 at 2:00 PM | 2 minute read

Sure, no one has figured out teleportation or traveling at light speed, but it has still been interesting to see many of the technologies in old sci-fi movies and shows like Star Trek transition from fantasy to reality. Cell phones, digital tablets and video chat were all futuristic technologies that have now been actualized.

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Topics: Community Platforms & Updates, Online Community

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