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Amanda DeLuke

As a Deliverability Analyst, Amanda provides organizations with best sender practices, assists in improving deliverability/sender reputation, email authentication, manages mail servers, improving internal deliverability process, vetting and abuse desk, and email privacy and compliance.
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COVID-19’s Impact on Global Email Communication: How to Maintain High Deliverability

Written by Amanda DeLuke on June 9, 2020 at 1:45 PM | 4 minute read

Recently, I’ve seen a spike in the amount of email communications going through our servers, so I dug into how mail receivers are reacting to the influx of mail to their systems.

I noticed the initial uptick begin in March (shortly after the announcement of many COVID-19 stay-at-home orders). These involved email blasts sent to large contact lists that hadn’t received mailings in months or more.

This caused not only a spike in volume, but a spike in complaints, unsubscribes, and mail going to the spam folder.

If COVID-19 has caused you to change your email strategy, I have some tips for you to make sure your email domain maintains a good reputation and your emails end up in the right place.

Let’s dig into these deliverability challenges and how to solve them.

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