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3 Ways to Use Virtual Events to Promote eLearning Programs

Written by Jocelyn Fielding on June 4, 2019 at 8:30 AM

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Electronic learning (eLearning) programs have taken on many shapes and sizes over the years, but sometimes it can be hard to drum up excitement for new (or existing) offerings.

Why is this? Because learners often assume the resources will always be there for them, so there’s no rush to engage.

Enter: Virtual events. Virtual events can boost the consumption of your association’s eLearning content and promote ample engagement.

Consider the following:

  1. Virtual events allow you to reach more people, as not everyone is able to travel to your annual meeting each year. By engaging them virtually, you will encourage networking and learning so they will be excited to participate in more opportunities throughout the year as well as future annual meetings.
  2. People love the option to consume their educational content on their terms - from wherever they want, whenever they want. But, they also like consuming live content where they can ask questions and get involved with discussions.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Use Virtual Events to Promote eLearning Programs

1. Offer Your Webinars for Free

Yes, I said it! While it’s important to generate non-dues revenue, that doesn’t mean you have to charge for every single piece of content you’re putting out there. Making it as easy as possible for your audience to decide to register for a webinar means you’re one step closer to getting them to truly engage with your association.

Once they start attending your webinars and finding value, they’ll continue coming back to you for more content – on-demand webinars, conference recordings, online certification and continuing education programs, maybe even your annual meeting.

But before all of that, win their trust by offering them insightful and engaging content at no cost.

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2. Reel Them in During the Live Event

You got them to register, now it’s time for them to attend the live event. There are a variety of ways to promote your other educational programs before, during, and after the live event:

  • Promote related content on lobby slides prior to the start of the event
  • Mention related content throughout the webinar when questions and comments come up on certain subject matter
  • Offer resource links to other courses and content within the webinar platform and on the webinar registration page
  • Encourage tweets during the live event to help promote your relevancy and grow your audience (don’t forget to come up with a unique but memorable #hashtag)
  • Send a survey afterward and include a question asking if they’d like to receive more information on additional courses and content related to the webinar topic – then follow up promptly and send that information their way
  • Send a follow-up email to both attendees, and those that registered but did not attend, with a link to the free on-demand webinar afterward. Also, include a link (or links) to other related content and courses

Resource: How Engagement Tools Improve Association Event Management

3. Bundle Content

At this stage, you have a successful webinar program under your belt. You’re achieving the desired number of registrants and attendees, and now you’re starting to charge (or, maybe you skipped the free webinar idea and have been charging all along).

One of the best ways to drive traffic to less popular programs is to bundle them with popular programs. You can group content by topics, audience, or group specific items together in order to run a “Summer Deal!” By offering content for purchase in bundles at a discounted rate, you’ll get more eyes on programs that weren’t getting attention when only sold alone.

Find a platform that allows you to bundle different types of content together, as well as set up promotional codes and offer different pricing depending on who is purchasing the content for the maximum flexibility. For more tips on monetizing your webinars, click here.

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Don’t Forget: Promote + Personalize Your eLearning Program

No matter how you decide to move forward with virtual events and eLearning programs, don’t forget to promote your content. From social media and email marketing efforts, to making content easy to find on your website, be sure to engage your audience on a regular basis.

Use data from your engagement platforms to personalize your communications, so that your audience receives updates about offerings that are relevant to them. From there, watch your eLearning program sales and engagement grow.

Want to learn more? Explore resources in Higher Logic’s free Education + Learning Success Kit below to help your organization develop and promote your education and learning programs to better serve your members, attract new members, and grow non-dues revenue.


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