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How to Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty (plus 9 other insightful resources)

Written by Julie Dietz on April 29, 2016 at 8:30 AM

Socious's list of the best community management and customer experience articles from around the web.

Every week we aim to make your life easier by compiling the best online community articles from around the web right here on our blog. This week, our favorite articles focus on tips for jumpstarting customer loyalty and digital engagement.

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Fresh advice from the Online Community Blog

Here are some of the best customer loyalty and digital engagement tips from around the web this week.

  1. How strong is your loyalty program? To build fierce, powerful advocates your need to connect members to one another and give them exclusivity and recognition.

  2. We love insightful engagement strategies, so we're very interested in how opening your online community up to non-members can deliver value and improve visibility.

  3. Your customers are driving innovation, and you have to keep up with them, even if that means focusing less on your competitors.

  4. Personal and professional lifestyles are changing, so check out this article for a look at how we'll all be working and living in the future.

  5. Change your conversations in your online customer or member community into conversions with this advice from The Daily Egg.

  6. There are 80 million millennials in the United States alone. Here's how you can adapt your customer experience tactics to meet their customer experience needs.

  7. See how the popular online course website, Udemy, built and maintains a passionate community of instuctors.

  8. Learn how to use your branded online community to promote your company and increase brand awareness.

  9. Does engagement ever end? This great article tackles tough questions about how engagement works in a digital, omnichannel world.

  10. If your online community's search traffic is declining, FeverBee can tell you why, and how it's going to change your future community management strategy.

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Enjoy these insightful reads and have a great weekend!

Use this guide to evaluate, select, and plan a successful online community for your association.

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