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How to Build Lasting Customer Relationships (plus 9 other helpful resources)

Written by Kaila Timmons on April 15, 2016 at 8:30 AM


Every week we aim to make your life easier by compiling the best online community articles from around the web right here on our blog.

This week, our favorite articles focus on tips for increasing customer engagement and perfecting the customer experience.

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Fresh advice from the Socious Online Community Blog

Here are some of the best customer experience tips from around the web this week.

  1. The days of boring landing pages and bland dialog boxes are behind us. It's time to liven up your site by incorporating these fun designs into your community.

  2. If you want genuine customer advocates, without even having to ask your customers, you'll need to do more than just provide a great product.

  3. This smart CustomerThink article shows us why customer survey data should be driving all of your critical business decisions.

  4. Some B2B companies are investing big bucks in their marketing automation platforms and not seeing the ROI they are looking for. These few tips can help make your existing automation program more intelligent and efficient so you can cash in.

  5. Are chatbots and other artificial intelligence systems the “new normal†for online communities? This article by Dion Hinchcliffe on Enterprise Irregulars gives us a reason to think so.

  6. Check out these 10 customer service trends the experts say are here to stay.

  7. There is a stark difference between customer experience and customer service. This SparkCentral article lays out what you should really be focusing on.

  8. Almost every business is committed to making sure their customers are happy and engaged, but is your company focusing enough on the employees doing the work? TalentCulture has given us four tips for measuring employee engagement and satisfaction.

  9. It's time to start cultivating relationships and building connections with customers in ways that truly matter.

  10. This in-depth SlideShare by Content Marketing Senior Manager of LinkedIn, Sean Callahan and CEO of Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner, makes you want to rethink the way you have been looking at B2B buyer's journey.

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