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The Top Online Community Management Tips for the Week of March 6th, 2016

Written by Kaila Timmons on March 11, 2016 at 8:00 AM

Top Online Community Management Tips

Every week we aim to make your life easier by compiling the best community management articles from around the web right here on our blog. This week, our favorite articles focus on providing our readers with tips for online community management.

Fresh advice from the Online Community Blog

The Top Ten

Here are some of the best online community tips from around the web this week.

  1. If you weren't convinced of the importance of building community before, this article by Digitalist Magazine will surely outline all of the benefits an online community can provide your company.
  1. It can be difficult to provide your customers with a great experience every time. This article by McKinsey & Company will help you do just that. After all, “The road to failed customer experience programs is paved with good intentions.â€
  1. The customer advisory boards (CAB) in your user community are critical to your product development process, so you want to be sure that you are picking the best people possible. Learning how to set up your CAB is a great step in ensuring your online community is having a meaningful impact on your organization.
  1. Your customers dread wasting time on phone calls for problems that can easily be fixed through a simple online search. Kate Leggett explains this shift in customer attitudes and how to combat this unstoppable change.
  1. Check out this great list of some of the top must-listen-to podcasts for B2B Marketers.
  1. Many companies don't give away their secrets to success. When they do, we jump at the opportunity to read up. This is especially true when it's on the secret of a successful customer experience.
  1. Learn about the role that your online community platform can play in giving customers what they want, a better online customer experience.
  1. Content marketing and social media may have gone hand in hand, however, recently using social media as a primary customer engagement strategy has been on the decline. This Marketing Land article explains why this is happening and how you should be changing your social media strategy.
  1. Which is a more important part of customer engagement, big data or big ideas? William Yates, Client Services Director at Novacom tells us more about the ins and outs of marketing automation (MA), pay-per-click (PPC) and Programmatic Advertising (PA) campaigns.
  1. "When I spoke to the group about my engagement idea, they said they loved it and would participate. But when I created it, few of them participated." Feverbee recognizes that many community managers are having this problem and have tried solving the dilemma with these effective tactics.

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Enjoy your weekend and happy reading!

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