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How Can Your Executives Help Your Community Managers?

Written by Alexia Roseliep on December 9, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Your executives should support community managers.

When planning a community, it can be hard to distinguish just how your organization's executives can support the community manager in building a successful customer community.

However, this is a very important step because the executives are usually responsible for organizing and prioritizing company priorities and goals.

So, here are just a few steps that leadership can take to help out the community manager so that they can create a flourishing community that aligns with the company's goals.

Step 1.)   Don't Micromanage

When working with the community manager, it is very important that the executives do not micromanage. When the community manager is busy dealing with and resolving an urgent issue, the last thing that they have time for is having to report all of their actions to the executives. An appropriate time to address the executives is after the fire has been put out and the issue is resolved.

Step 2.)   Be the Bridge Between the Community Manager and the Rest of the Organization

There are a lot of different company functions and departments that need to come together to make a successful community. Executives can assist the community manager by acting as the bridge between the community manager and the other departments. For instance, if something urgent comes up like a site crash, the executives could assist the community manager by dedicating a member of the IT department to help solve the problem.

Step 3.)   Help with Company Buy-In

As I said before, one of the reasons that it's so important that the executives be involved, at any capacity, with the community is that they're the ones responsible for aligning the whole organization to meet business goals. One of the ways that they can help your community managers is to help maintain buy in for your community strategy. They need to help get everyone on the same page and make sure that the community has all the support that is needs to really thrive. This means that not only every department within the company is bought in, but that the customers are as well.

Community Management Takeaway

When it comes to executives supporting their community managers, it's really very simple. Just don't stand in their way, and help to ensure that they get all the help that they really need from the other departments. By using their resources to help align all functions of the community, executives can make the community managers' lives much easier, and the community will be more successful for it.

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