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Best Community Management Resources from the Week of September 6, 2015

Written by Joshua Paul | on September 14, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Best Online Community Management Resources

The Top Ten for the Week of September 6, 2015

Start you week off with some smart insight and actionable advice! Check out this past week's most useful new online community management and customer engagement resources.

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Fresh Advice From the Socious Online Community Blog

The Top Ten

The Best Online Community Management Resources From Around the Web

  1. Our friends at The Community Roundtable have updated their research-based list of 50 key community management skills.

  2. Unpack the risks and opportunities of using controversial topics and discussions to get people to participate in your online community.

  3. Trend Alert: Get a peek into the future of digital, social, and community strategies from Dion Hinchcliffe.

  4. Smart article from Ogilvy on making brand community management more strategic.

  5. Get data-backed tips for reaching out to guest bloggers to get content for your online community. Hint: It helps to have built a strong community first.

  6. Mozilla is doing some interesting research into how to get more people to contribute in your online community.

  7. Get an extensive look at the role of trust in growing an active and scalable online community.

  8. Find out how to develop a customer experience strategy that increases customer retention.

  9. Learn how to map your customer's journey, so that you can align your customer community with it.

  10. See 4 myths about creating an online community for your business get busted!

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Enjoy your week and happy reading!

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