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Top Online Community Management Posts for the Week of August 16, 2015

Written by Joshua Paul | on August 21, 2015 at 8:20 AM

Top Online Community Management Tips - The Customer Community Fallacy

The Top Ten for the Week of August 16, 2015

Pour yourself another cup of coffee and catch up on this week's most useful online community management and customer engagement advice.

Fresh Advice From the Online Community Blog

The Top Ten

The Best Online Community Management Resources From Around the Web

  1. The good people at The Community Roundtable have opened this year's Community Careers and Compensation 2015 survey. If you work with your organization's online community strategy, it is really important that you set aside a few minutes to take this survey.

  2. Do you want to use your online customer community to close more sales? Align the engagement opportunities in the community with these 12 moments in your customer's buying process.

  3. Online communities can play a big role identifying&nbsp;prospects who are ready to close, customers who are ready to buy more, or frustrated users who are on the verge ending their relationship with your company. Get good lessons on implementing this type of predictive lead scoring.

  4. As organizations leverage the activity data in online community platforms to provide highly personalized experiences to customers or members, it is important to follow basic guidelines for maintaining the trust of your target audience.

  5. In a very interesting interview,&nbsp;Amber Gordon, founder of the&nbsp;Femsplain website, discusses why they're shifting away from being a community where people can comment on individual&nbsp;articles to a centralized group model. The reason is not what you think!

  6. Increasingly business leaders and the business media are recognizing that communities and their core strengths are the keys to sustainable business growth.

  7. Your online community strategy doesn't end when you have people routinely participating in your community. Rather, it starts there. The behavioral customer data in your community gives you a crystal ball into your customers' intentions, priorities, and challenges.

  8. Building community through your email newsletter it an interesting concept. However, it often only works if you have engagement opportunities to which to drive people.

  9. Don't miss this great roundup of Richard Millington's remarks about online community management at MozCon 2015.

  10. Staff turnover in community management is something that companies really need to keep their eyes on. It can derail your online community strategy and set you back several quarters. Read an explanation of the causes by someone on the front lines.

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Enjoy your weekend and happy reading!

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