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The Must-Read Online Community Management Resources for the Week of August 9, 2015

Written by Joshua Paul | on August 14, 2015 at 8:49 AM

Best Online Community management Resources

The Top Ten for the Week of August 9, 2015

If you're like me, you use the quiet mornings of the weekend to catch up on some of the interesting articles, videos, and podcasts that came across your social feeds during the week.

Allow us to help! We've compiled this week's best online community management and customer experience articles from around the web just for you.

Fresh Advice From the Online Community Blog

The Top Ten

The Best Online Community Management Resources From Around the Web

  1. In this extensive interview with Adobe CMO, Ann Lewnes, she discusses how to leverage data-driven customer engagement and the importance of peer-to-peer collaboration.

  2. If your company relies on your online customer community to drive product innovation and create more sellable/profitable solutions, this post is for you. Get a great case study outlining the process for using feedback from your community to increase conversions by aligning your products, value propositions, and marketing messages with your customers.

  3. Branded online communities play a big role in reducing churn. This article offers lessons for community managers, rooted in cognitive science, for increasing customer retention.

  4. Find out how businesses can leverage data (from places like their private online community) to be more proactive toward customer issues and micro-personalize the customer experience.

  5. Headlines aren't just for content marketing and lead nurturing. Effective headlines drive a large portion of the ongoing engagement in your online customer or member community -- from email subject lines to forum titles to catchy content that brings people back to the community. Get research-backed tips for creating awesome headlines in your community from my favorite web usability blog.

  6. Our friends at The Community Roundtable give us this informative interview with Lori Harrison-Smith, enterprise community manager at Steelcase.

  7. In this article, you'll find five ways to pull ahead of your competition. Attention community managers: Strategies include building community on- and off-line, placing a stronger emphasis on customer retention, and creating processes to gather ongoing feedback from your community.

  8. Find out how to become more customer-centric and get tips for aligning your customer experience (both inside and outside your online community) with your customers' buying process.

  9. Learn the fundamentals of crowd-powered customer service. Hint: It revolves around your online community.

  10. Read this post through the lens of an online community manager or community strategist. It outlines how to provide standout service and support to today's customers. You'll note that almost all of these strategies are made more effective and efficient if you have an active customer community.

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Let us know your favorite article from the list above or about an outstanding post we may have missed this week in the comments below.

Enjoy your weekend and happy reading!

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