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Top Community Management Posts for the Week of July 26, 2015

Written by Joshua Paul | on July 31, 2015 at 8:34 AM

Top Online Community Management Resources

Introducing the  Top Ten

We know that you're busy, so we're bringing you the must-read online community management and customer engagement articles from the past week.

The Top Ten Team has scoured the web to bring you're the best of the best in community strategy and management tips.

Advice From the Online Community Blog

The Top Ten

The Best From Around the Web

  1. Learn how "brands have over-invested in social efforts on external social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that are seeing diminishing organic engagement." This post makes a strong case for investing in owned social communities as a place for quality user engagement and community growth.

  2. What started out as a simple how to grow your email list†case study ended up highlighting how peer-to-peer communities play a big role in keeping your audience engaged.

  3. Attention customer engagement geeks! A new KPMG study outlines the importance of analytics to C-level enterprise executives. Notable findings include 85% of enterprises are investing to improve data analysis techniques. However, while 92% of the respondents are focusing on using data and analytics in sales and marketing, only 16% say that reducing costs is one of their motivations. More than double that number of people indicated that business growth was a primary motivation.

  4. Nielsen explores how companies can sustain high levels of sales after the initial buzz of a product launch subsides. Building an active community around your product and market is an efficient approach to generating long-term business success.

  5. In an age when brand affinity is heavily influenced by customers' easy online access to company information, other customers, and competitors, do customer loyalty programs still work?

  6. Learn about the significant impact that collaboration among employees and employees participation in your customer community has on growing your business.

  7. Our friend, Rich Millington, provides some actionable ideas for getting your online community unstuck and moving it to the next level of maturity. Check out his tips for optimizing your community management efforts.

  8. According to a recent Gartner study, only 32% of the business-to-business buying process is influenced by your company, its people, and your marketing information. Two-thirds of a buying decision relies on internal evaluations, interactions with peers, and third-party recommendations. So that begs the question: is the road to sales growth paved with sales and product marketing hires OR does the path to substantial growth start with building a strong peer-to-peer community in your market?

  9. These great customer retention tips are highly relevant if increasing your customer's lifetime value to your company is part of your online customer community strategy.

  10. Social business expert, Dion Hinchcliffe, details how “we are now witnessing the emergence of online community as a real force in how businesses achieve a wide range of activities, from customer care and marketing, to workforce collaboration and B2B partner engagement.†(this was published a couple weeks ago, but it is definitely important information)


  1. Do you manage community members differently based on where they live? This data suggests that you should.

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Enjoy your weekend and happy reading!

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