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10 Insightful Customer Engagement & Online Community Articles You May Have Missed

Written by Katie Oakes on March 31, 2015 at 2:57 PM

The Knowledge You Need to Build an Engaging Online Community

Often the to-do list at work is amended at a rate faster than we can complete. You do a lot in a day and sometimes is can be hard to stay on top of all of the great insight being published to help you plan, manage, and grow your online customer or member community.

We wanted to make it a little easier on you to stay ahead. We've gathered some of the top advice from the past month for you.

  1. The Business Engagement Model by Rachel Happe

    Lesson Learned: Rachel Happe discusses the importance on an online community for more than just its members. Need help selling the value of an online community internally? Read no further.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: "Ultimately, to sustain engagement, the business model needs to generate more value for each of its stakeholder groups than they contribute. People need to feel like investing and contributing to the ecosystem will return disproportionate rewards to them. If it does, they will return to engage again and again and again."

  2. Solving the Inception Paradox via The Social Enterprise 

    Lesson Learned: Asking the right questions up front when launching an employee community can save you time and limited resources down the road. This article presents data that helps launch a successful online employee community.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: "Communities are made of passion, energy, relationships and knowledge. Human beings are the main ingredient. Their inner dynamics are not deterministic, nonlinear and very hard to predict."

  3. Six Ways the Customer Engagement Dynamic is Changing via Mycustomer

    Lesson Learned: You can't be all business all the time. Learn about these changes in how your customers want to be engaged and why your online community is the resource for the job! Social CRM is on the rise for a reason, this article explores why.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: "Your customers are more than what they do at work. As you accompany them along the customer journey, you aren't interacting with a filled-in form or a LinkedIn profile. You're engaging with a living, breathing human being."

  4. What Data Driven Marketing Looks Like (Infographic) via AdWeek

    Lesson Learned: There has been a rise in data driven marketing and a recent survey of marketers shows why. This infographic covers statistics around data driven marketing such as what is being collected, why and how confident they are in the process.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: "Spending on data-driven marketing grew for 63 percent of respondents in 2013, and 74 percent said that growth will continue this year."

  5. Embrace the Crazy via Paul Sutton

    Lesson Learned: This is a great read about not only where to find the small amount of chaos that can be inserted into your engagement strategy that builds buzz but also how. Keeping your viewers on their toes is a underutilized strategy in online communities.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote : "To build an engaged community, welcome uncertainty and a little bit of madness."

  6. Email Marketing is Still a Winning Customer Engagement Strategy via Loyal 360

    Lesson Learned: Email marketing isn't over yet. While social media and other channels are on the rise email is unescapable. It is a channel that everyone uses on some level. This article discusses how to use email marketing in its evolved state.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: "Even as hip and innovative social media platforms dominate our consciousness with appealing interfaces and exciting features, almost everyone still uses email on some level."

  7. Great Community Managers Talk About ‘Creating Great Community' via Mariposa Interactive

    Lesson Learned: A collection of brief and insightful real world examples of failed communities. Offering a chance to learn from their mistakes and instead of making your own when it comes to the topic of "building community."

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: "Building a community isn't rocket science, it's more like shoveling coal -- neverending hard work for little immediate reward."

  8. (Really) Taking on Customer Experience via Forbes

    Lesson Learned: Customer experience is no longer an option but instead a requirement. This article discusses the basics of providing value to customers.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: " Creating a superior and differentiated customer experience is a core strategy for most companies — a pillar of who you want to be."

  9. Study Finds Social Engagement is High on Mobile but Conversions Remain More Traditional via Content Standard

    Lesson Learned: Mobile marketing metrics are climbing to match those of traditional desktop marketing in all areas. However, when it comes to conversion mobile marketing falls short. This article explores the conversation of why.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: "Mobile users may be very active on social, but they aren't necessarily conversion-minded."

  10. Designing Good Policy for Online Platforms and Communities via Medium

    Lesson Learned: Best Practices for creating a policy for your online community. A very actionable list to get you started on creating an outstanding and functional online community policy.

    The Tweet-worthy Quote: "The best policies in the world, if not supported by the product, are only ever just words buried on a forgotten page."

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