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How to Truly Show Your Online Community Manager Appreciation #CMAD

Written by Joshua Paul | on January 27, 2014 at 11:10 AM

All organizations, from big businesses to small nonprofits, have communities. Organizations of all types depend on strong relationships with their communities of customers, members, partners, donors, and employees to make all of their other strategies possible.

Today, Community Manager Appreciation Day, is the day that we show the online community managers in our lives how important their skilled management of these communities means to us and our organizations.

However, all signs of appreciation do not carry equal meaning to online community managers and to your company's success.

The following pyramid lays out a composite view of meaningful moves that you can make today and their relative importance to community managers.

It also illustrates the flip side of appreciation with a reverse pyramid of things that frustrate online community managers. Be careful not to cross the line. You might even work to remove some of the frustrations in your community manager's life.

Make sure your online community manager feels appreciated.

What Would Your Organization's Pyramid Look Like?

Rather than looking at your community management strategy in a one-dimensional way, think about what the hierarchy of appreciation would look like at your organization. What could you do to make your community manager's job easier, more meaningful, and better aligned with your business-level goals?

Have a Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

You share this infographic and Community Manager Appreciation Day activities across the web using hashtag #CMAD.

You may have noticed that, at Higher Logic, we focus on those signs of appreciation that go beyond cursory "thank yous" and have a lasting impact on how your organization executes its online community strategy, as well as the job satisfaction of your online community managers. In case you missed it, here is last year's post on business-savvy ways to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day.

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