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Online Community Tips: 6 Noteworthy Articles You May Have Missed

Written by Joshua Paul | on November 5, 2013 at 8:09 AM

Best Online Community Tips From Around the Web

While we saw many useful articles over on social crm, online communities, and member engagement over the past month, there were six that stood out.

We've searches high and low to bring you the following articles that offer top-notch online community advice.

How Your Online Community Can Increase Customer Retention

In this article that on Salesforce.com's blog, there are five steps for using your online customer community to keep more of your customers.

What Is Your Organization's Online Community Style?

This post by our friend, Vanessa DiMauro at Leader Networks, is the What Not to Wear of online community advice. It lays out several approaches to online customer or member communities, and then picks them apart highlighting the pros and cons of each strategy to help you develop your organization-specific online community style.

3 Models For Building Large Communities

Online community strategies are not as homogenous as one would think. Just as target audiences different greatly across organizations, we see wide variation in online community business strategies, platforms, and processes. Find out which approach is best for your objectives from our friend, Richard Millington at FeverBee.

What to Do When an Online Community Starts to Fail

One of the most attractive aspect of creating an online customer or member community is the strength and scale of the relationships that your organization can maintain through ongoing engagement and the peer-to-peer nature of communities. This is in stark contrast to traditional direct-response campaigns.

However, with these benefits, comes the challenge of maintaining the communities balance and value over the long-term. In this HBR post, find out how to overcome pitfalls of building and maintaining a lasting sense of community for your business or membership organization.

LinkedIn is Great...But Not as Your Community Platform

In same vein as Higher Logic's advice on why businesses and associations don't build their private online communities in Facebook or LinkedIn, our friend, Maggie McGary, lays out 5 reasons why executives think twice before making these public social networks their online customer or member community platform.

Four Signs Your Business Needs a Members-Only Site

Though companies are increasingly making private online communities for customers a central part of their marketing, product management, and support strategies, not all businesses and nonprofits are a good fit for launching and managing an online community. This post provides a mini-checklist to help small organizations decide if they are ready for an online customer or member community.

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