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Top Customer Community and Social Business Articles from 2012

Written by Joshua Paul | on December 19, 2012 at 7:45 AM

Best Online Customer Community & Social Business Posts from 2012Over this past year, executives from across all industries have met head-on with the new realities of social business and how online communities can impact their business results.

Some companies start with internal employee communities, while many others strengthen customer relations, lower support costs, and capitalize on customer insight with private customer communities that bring customers, employees, and partners together.

Throughout the year, we have brought you over 100 helpful articles ranging from customer retention research to online community management tips to social crm how-to's. Here are the top five most popular posts from the online community blog for 2012:

#1) How Online Customer Communities Can Increase Revenue By 19% [Research]

Explore research from the University of Michigan that reveals the direct connection between an online customer community and a nearly 20% increase in incremental revenue from customers. Get 5 data-backed tips to help executives increase revenue using online customer communities. Tweet This

#2) The Ultimate Framework for Planning an Online Community Strategy

The most successful online customer communities are run by businesses that are fanatical about aligning the community with their customers' most important goals and challenges. Get an online community planning model to ensure that your community is delivering consistent value to your target audience and your organization. Tweet This

#3) 4 Steps to Increasing Customer Engagement in Your Online Community

Find out why the foundation for creating a high engagement online customer community is designing user habits. These tips from our interview with Nir Eyal on ProCommunity, Socious' social business web series, offers both profound insight into the psychology behind online and mobile engagement, as well as practical tips that can be applied during the online community planning process. Tweet This

#4) What is Social Business? A Clear Definition

"Social business" was a hot buzzword this year. However, as with any emerging technology, definitions are murky and can even be confusing. Use this simple description of social business throughout your company to build understanding and buy-in from C-level executives to frontline customer care representatives. Tweet This

#5) 8 Ways to Engage Customers Online That Are Not Social or Less Tech Savvy

Not all industries are on the front lines of social media. However, if your company plays in a less web-savvy arena, that doesn't mean that your business can't reap the revenue generating, cost-saving benefits that come with an active online customer community. Learn how non-social customers can participate in your private online community. Tweet This

As Socious spearhead the shift from traditional customer management to community-based customer relationships, we will continue to provide useful tips and visionary insight over the coming year. You can subscribe to the online community blog so that you don't miss this helpful information.

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