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ProCommunity #9: How to Build a Roadmap for Creating a Social Business Culture

Written by Joshua Paul | on September 4, 2012 at 9:25 AM

Discussing How to Humanize Your Business & Online Community with Jamie Notter

Jamie Notter joins us for this episode of ProCommunity, the show where online communities meet business performance.

Jamie is a Vice President at consulting firm, Management Solutions Plus. Jamie also co-authored the book, Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World with our friend, Maddie Grant. In addition, Jamie authored the 2007 ebook, Generational Diversity in the Workplace, as well as published We Have Always Done It That Way: 101 Things About Associations We Must Change in 2006. Jamie can be found at GetMeJamieNotter.com.

The Social Business Culture Topics That We Chatted About:

  • The changes that require companies to be more open, trustworthy, generative, and courageous
  • How to build a more human and productive culture
  • Examples of people-centric organizations
  • Creating a cultural framework for building online customer communities and other collaborative environments
  • What are organizations getting wrong about social media and online communities?
  • Deciding who should interact with customers and other important stakeholder
  • Finding the right balance of transparency in an organization
  • How to get started changing your business culture
  • Shifting culture from anywhere in a company vs. making top-down changes

Tips for developing a great online customer community strategy.

Topics: Online Community Management, B2B Communities, Customer Engagement, Online Community

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