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ProCommunity #7: Government 2.0, Engaging the Public, & Social Networking in Government

Written by Joshua Paul | August 21, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Discussing Social Government with Joseph Porcelli

Joseph Porcelli joins us for this installment of ProCommunity, the show where online communities meet business performance.

Joseph is the Director of Engagement Services at GovDelivery, a company that helps public sector organizations engage the public in more valuable and expansive ways. Along with GovDelivery and its social network for government employees, govloop, Joseph is also the founder of NeighborsforNeighbors.org, the country's first neighborhood-centric urban social network. Joseph can be found at @JosephPorcelli.

The Online Community Engagement Topics That We Chatted About

  • Why is government building, and engaging constituents in, online communities?
  • How to get the public to work together to co-create, solve problems, and take advantage of opportunities
  • How FEMA's private social network helps the agency educate about preparedness and empower people to assist during emergencies
  • The importance of online communities, sharing, and collaboration in how governments communicate with the public
  • How the online community, NavyforMoms.com, improved the US Navy's recruiting results
  • The biggest challenges of Government 2.0
  • Successful approaches to adoption and growing community in the public sector
  • How government employees and the agencies they work for benefit from strengthening connections with the public and among each other
  • Measuring ROI for government online communities and social media
  • Small steps government agencies can take to engage their communities