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The 5 Most Popular Social Business Articles in the Last 6 Months

Written by Joshua Paul | July 5, 2012 at 1:15 PM

How many times will you hear, "Can you believe it is already July?" this month? Time flies in business, but new tools, companies being acquired or going public, and piles of new data to comb through makes social business move at warp speed.

2012 has been an exciting year in for social business professionals, and we're only half way done. Both public social networks and private online communities are increasingly both saving and making businesses money when it comes to marketing, customer management, and product innovation.

We have produced dozens of articles, ebooks, and videos to help companies and membership organizations take advantage of the opportunities that online communities present.

Here are the most popular social business articles from the Online Community Blog for the first half of 2012.

#1) What is Social Business? A Clear Definition

Cut through the buzzwords and confusion. Finally, get a concise and actionable definition for social business to share around your organization.

#2) The Ultimate Framework for Planning an Online Community Strategy

Find out what marketing strategists and membership executives need to know about the online community planning lifecycle to create a social business strategy that works for your customers and your organization.

#3) Why is the '24-Hour Rule' Important in Building an Online Community

Learn about the '24-Hour Rule' and why it is worth investing in this community management tactic during the initial stages of your online community.

#4) Improve Customer Experience Using One of the Best Online Community Models

See a great visual model for understanding an online community's lifecycle and what organizations should focus on during each of the four stages.

#5) Is Member Engagement Tied to Private Online Communities? [Data]

Get a sneak peek at some of the data coming out of the 2012 State of Online Communities in Associations survey.

What Will the Next 6 Months Bring?

The rest of 2012 will surely bring more challenges and opportunities in the ways that organizations harness the power of online communities. Add you predictions in the comments below. Stay tuned for great resources from Higher Logic in the coming months by subscribing to the Online Community Blog.