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Become a Better Online Community Manager This Weekend

Written by Joshua Paul | on May 27, 2011 at 8:30 AM

In the United States, we're getting ready to enjoy the Memorial Day three-day weekend. For the digital crowd, this means three warm, lazy mornings with an iPad (or laptop) in one hand and better coffee than the "office brew" in the other.

If you are thinking about launching an online community for your customers, anxious about increasing member engagement, or 

brainstorming ways to improve collaboration among customers, employees, and partners, here are 10 

resources from the past few weeks to catch up on over the long weekend.

Online Community Strategy and Planning

Resources to Become a Better Online Community Manager

So What Type of Community Do You Need?

Measuring Online Engagement: A beginning

5 Tips for Building Vibrant Branded Online Communities

Rethinking How We Hire Online Community Managers

"In the Trenches" Community Management

How to approach dealing with conflict in your online community

Three rules for using polls in online communities

How to promote your new online community; 10 ideas

Enterprise and Business Social Networking Stats

Another 18 Awesome B2B Social Media Statistics

Statistics: Why integrate Facebook into your business

A Big List of Online Community Resources

Free Online Community Management Resources On The Web

Also, don't forget about the Member Engagement blog for tips on planning and launching a successful online community. Have a great holiday weekend!

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