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Planning an Online Community? 10 Questions for Members About Access

Written by Joshua Paul | on May 26, 2011 at 5:30 AM

Before Launching an Online Community, Ask Members About How They Access Information

Ask Members About How They Access Information at the Beginning of the Online Community Planning Process

When planning an online community for customers or members, it is important to have a firm understanding your members' online behavior and communication preferences. Understanding how your audience will access your community will help you select the software and features that are right for your organization.

Here are 10 questions to ask customers and members before you select your online community platform to ensure that your technology matches your strategy and audience.

  1. What devices do you use to access the web?
  2. Do you check email on your phone?
  3. Do you tend to download apps for other groups you are a part of or sites you access?
  4. What type of phone do you have? (non-smart phone, iPhone, Android, Palm)
  5. Are you allowed to access business-related sites at work that have some social aspects to them?
  6. What is your primary means of communication while at work? (Phone, email, Facebook, etc.)
  7. Do you have a Facebook account?
  8. Do you have a LinkedIn account?
  9. Do you have a Twitter account?
  10. Do you currently access the association website from work, home, or on-the-go?

Gathering feedback from your members about how they want to communicate is just one of the areas where you need to collect data from your members and staff when planning an online community. However, information about how members access the resources of your association will allow you to build an online community that fits the way that your members or customers operate - increasing adoption and usage.

Find out more about surveying members and staff as you plan your online community in the Socious white paper, The Online Community Planning Guide.

Use this guide to evaluate, select, and plan a successful online community for your association.

Topics: Online Community Management, Engagement, Online Community

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