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14 Blogs and Podcasts that Will Keep You Current on Online Community and Marketing Automation

Written by Elizabeth Bell on June 14, 2018 at 8:10 AM


In today’s digital world it can be hard to know which resources to rely on, especially when there’s new stuff coming out all the time, and there’s so much pressure to constantly consume. How can we keep up with the technology world but also filter out the things that aren’t useful?

Since we live in a review economy, you’re probably used to checking out what other people say about a restaurant, book, etc. before you buy it. That’s a little harder to do when it comes to resources, so we wanted to make it easier for you and create a trusty list of blogs and podcasts that we follow for updates about communities and marketing automation.

Whether it’s perusing our favorite blogs over coffee in the morning or listening to the latest podcast in the car or at the gym, we try to take advantage of those micro-moments to stay up to date. And of course, the resources out there are always evolving, so feel free to share your favorite resources with us in the contact form below.  

Online Community

1. The Community Roundtable

Check out The Community Roundtable’s blog, which is filled with subject matter expertise on all things related to online communities and community management. Their blog will also often highlight findings from their detailed reports, such as the State of Community Management 2018.

2. Feverbee

Feverbee’s goal is to help build community, and their blog supports that goal by sharing expert tips, case studies, and advice for community managers. Their blog articles are well-researched and very in-depth.

3. CMX

The CMX blog shares a variety of resources about community management, including videos, articles, and announcements. In addition to their blog as a resource, they have a Facebook group where community managers (or those interested in the community space) can join to connect and talk all things related to managing a community.

4. Moz

Moz’s blog has resources for anyone trying to navigate the digital world, as well as stay updated on Google’s changing algorithms. Their focus is search engine optimization, or SEO, but they do have a solid section on online community. It’s not updated often, but the articles they do have are worth perusing.     

5. Associations Now

Associations Now shares both technology news and association membership news in their blog, covering tech updates, lessons learned, engagement theories, and best practices. Skim their daily digest email for a quick update on news in the association space (online community articles show up fairly often).

6. Community Signal

Community Signal is a bi-weekly podcast for community professionals with topics like acing your next community manager job interview or understanding why Lego got rid of their online community.

7. Community Pulse

Community Pulse is a podcast dedicated to sharing insights for community managers and community leaders. Their goal is to help build community by providing practical tips, such as how to submit a great conference session abstract, and by providing information from experts who share about a range of topics related to online community.  

Marketing Automation

Since marketing automation is just one sub-field of marketing, there aren’t many blogs or podcasts dedicated specifically to marketing automation alone, but it’s a topic addressed often across marketing blogs. And although we’re possibly a little biased toward blogs focusing on content creation, we thought that some of these might be helpful for the content side of marketing automation.  

1. M+R Lab

The M+R Lab blog combines a smattering of digital marketing and online community topics, including public relations, social media, and non-profit fundraising. They also have a few articles about online community tossed in!


IMPACT’s blog is a go-to for news and tips about digital marketing. This is a place for both experienced and newer marketers, but they do emphasize their goal is to help anyone starting small to use them as a resource to grow in their marketing knowledge.

3. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute blog’s title is self-explanatory. Their resources are focused on the practice of creating great marketing content. When writing the copy for your landing pages and emails, great content is what’s going to make people keep reading that email, so the tips on this blog are sure to help.

4. Marketing Over Coffee

For a fun listen, check out the Marketing Over Coffee podcast. Their shows are 20 minutes long and their goal is to keep you updated on marketing technology, social networks, classic marketing techniques, and more, all in a casual, relaxed way.  

5. Social Pros

This podcast’s focus is social media, and they interview experts who work in social media on a weekly basis. Their guests include social media marketers and leadership from organizations like Lenovo, Brandwatch, the Houston Texans, and the W2O Group.

6. Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM is a podcast sharing the news of the week on copywriting, content marketing, and email marketing. Their discussions on topics like GDPR and online privacy are relevant for anyone who is trying to market in today’s digital world.

7. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is a podcast made up of interviews with influential marketers and entrepreneurs sharing their stories. Their blog will also capture highlights from podcast episodes if you don’t have time to listen to a specific episode.

Using blogs and podcasts to inspire your work

Keeping up with changing technology is a must for marketers and community managers. Blogs and podcast are an easy way to stay informed. But you’ll also hear different perspectives and new ideas from these resources, which will help you keep your own work fresh. And we all know that staying fresh in the digital world is key to engagement. These resources are part of our daily reads/listens to help us stay fresh. 

You know what else will keep you current on online community and marketing automation? Attending our yearly conference focused on these two very topics! Get more info on Super Forum below. 


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