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Get Better Insight into Your Customers or Members with the New Activity Timeline in Socious Online Community Software

Written by Joshua Paul | January 8, 2015 at 1:30 PM

What is the most important part of any online community? Even if you have the best looking site, with the slickest technology under its hood, none of that matters without people.

Your members are the lifeblood of your online communities. How you understand their priorities, challenges, and motivations is closely tied to your organization's success.

We here at Socious understands this, which is why we added the new Activity tab to your user profiles. This new activity data, visible to administrators and community managers in each community members' profile, provides a clean, easy-to-read timeline of every activity a user performs: Whether it's logging in or out of the community, viewing a specific page, searching the community for answers, earning a badge, uploading a file, or posting to a discussion forum, each and every action is logged and stored for easy retrieval and analysis.

This new feature is an amazingly simple yet powerful tool with a wide range of uses, providing a goldmine of data that can be used by various teams within an organization:

  • Customer Service. Support staff can track the content members have viewed and actions they have taken, including which search terms members are using inside the community, enabling them to more easily assist those who may be having trouble.
  • Business Development. Salespeople can monitor the activity of prospective customers to better understand their interests, helping them to shorten the sales cycle with a more personalized approach.
  • Account Manager. Account managers can leverage this data to determine which users might respond to an offer to upgrade their account, renew their contract, or purchase a registration add-on for an event.
  • Membership Managers. Association executives can identify the interests of specific members, using this insight to present them with volunteer opportunities, a speaking role at a conference, or simply to become more active in their community.
  • Community Managers. Community managers can use this information to pinpoint popular content in the communities they manage to better understand their members' interests, helping to promote future engagement and growth.

The new social activity information in the Socious platform is like giving your organization a crystal ball into community members' interests, issues, and actions. You can then leverage that data to get the right messages in front of the right people at the right time.

"The addition of an Activity tab to the user profile is by far my favorite addition in the latest release... and it's one of the best enhancements I've seen added to the Socious online community software platform! This feature comes in incredibly handy when I need to drill down to a user's exact behavior on the site, and now I don't have to try and piece together information on his or her activity. It's something I never realized how much I was going to use it until I actually saw it in action," said John Tyler, Web and Digital Content Manager at American Association of Diabetes Educators.

All businesses and nonprofit membership organizations currently running their online community on the online community software platform have access to the new Activity tab immediately.