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23 Examples of Online Customer Communities

Written by Joshua Paul | September 4, 2014 at 2:03 PM

We wish all of our ideas were original. The truth is they are not, nor do they have to be. A big source of great business strategies comes from analyzing what other companies have already done. This is especially true when you implement emerging technologies, like online customer communities and other social crm platforms.

When it comes to social business, even seasoned executives look to other companies to gather ideas and validate their strategies.

To help you conceptualize or optimize your online customer community strategy, we've compiled examples of customer communities that have been launched by companies ranging from business-to-business technology providers to consumer banks.

Online Customer Community Examples

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The Strategies and Management Behind These Customer Communities

Viewing these online communities (or just the customer login pages in some cases) does not take you very far in learning much about each business's strategy and their community's value to customers or partners.